When the news came out that a new Simpsons game was going to be released for Christmas of 2007, I was as excited as anyone. I love The Simpsons, the movie, the show, and even some of the old games (particularly “Bart’s Nightmare” from the Super Nintendo days). This time EA would be handling the game, and the first piece of news that caught my attention was EA mentioning that instead of plucking the Simpsons characters into a cliché video game format, they were going to create a game around the Simpsons and their world.

My expectations for this game were huge…in fact they were probably way beyond reasonable. That being said, this game not only matched my expectations, but surpassed them wildly. You are allowed to wander around Springfield, talk to characters who give some of the all time favorite lines from the show, and not only play through the levels in Springfield, but also through spoofs of video games like Medal of Honor, Neverquest, Frogger, Space Invaders, and Grand Theft Auto.

This is an extremely original game with some great puzzles, fantastic advancement, and for you graduate English students who know what meta fiction is, this game drips with it (that’s a great thing!). This is by far and away the most original Simpsons game to ever be made, and the game play is fun, story enchanting in a distinctly Simpsons sort of way.

This game allows you to play every character in some form (including Maggie), and the wide array of spoofs allows for an amazing range and variety of game play all in one title. The fight with Matt Groening and his psycho Futurama characters is a boss fight for the ages!

This is one of those games that I will give a rare 10/10. It is excellent, has 30 minutes of brand new video, and will be an absolute gem to Simpsons fans. This is the game we’ve long been waiting for, and the only knock I have on it is that it would have been nice to have even more game play, as a really solid gamer who skipped the side missions could get through this game in 12-13 hours.

Needless to say, future Simpsons games will probably have a lot more for fans to look forward to now that EA is in charge of development, and there’s every reason to believe that the future Simpsons titles will be absolutely amazing.