I know that there have been so many games released, each with dozens upon dozens of songs so if one of these is already available, great. If not, well hopefully they take my advice to heart.
Metallica: For Whom The Bell Tolls, Unforgiven and Unforgiven II, Seek and Destroy.

I know that they have done a bunch of Metallica songs already but I am certain that these would be insanely fun to play. Especially on Rock Band or Guitar Hero World Tour where you can sing or play drums to them as well. Seek and Destroy would need to be one of the 20 minute live versions as those are awesome.

Trivium: And Sadness Will Sear, Becoming the Dragon, Tread the Floods, Entrance of the Conflagration

A lesser known band, this metal group would gain exposure by letting their songs be released for download on these games. They’d be ridiculously difficult, but again, fun to play..you know once you trained yourself to keep up with the fast pace of the songs.

Live: Dolphin’s Cry

A little older, but it’s a great song. It would be fun for all parties involved as the song works on all levels.

Local H: Copasetic

This one hit wonder would be fun to play on guitar as well as sing.

Cake: Daria, I Will Survive, Let Me go

Well anything by Cake would work as, let’s face it, Cake is awesome. Singing wouldn’t be too difficult and it would be entertaining.

Dio: Holy Diver, Rainbow in the Dark

It’s Dio man! He freakin rules! Make a Dio pack, do it, do it now!

Citizen Cope: Let the Drummer Kick

Incubus: Pardon Me

Soul Asylum: Runaway Train

I always thought this song was kinda pretty. It’s a fun song for everyone involved and the singer has the chance to vent his angst a bit.

Drowning Pool: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

The best song the band has come out with. This would be very fun to sing, make no mistake.

Cranberries: Zombie

All That Remains: Whispers, We Stand, Not Alone

As I Lay Dying: Nothing Left, The Sound of Truth

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a fun game. But it isn’t perfect. The game includes a thrilling campaign mode. It has great cut scenes, a terrific plot, and amazing graphics. But the length could be an issue. It checks in with a short 6-8 hour story mode. This isn’t terrible, but it is very short. It is obvious the creators were going with quality, not quantity. I give the story mode and 8.5/10

The multiplayer is… well….. the same as MW2. It is very similar to the previous games in terms of gameplay. There is a new dolphin dive, new weapons and you must pay for your equipment with COD Points. Other than that it is the same game as MW2. New killstreaks along with some old ones will still dominate the game and grenade launchers and knife lunges are still going to bug a lot of players. I give the multiplayer for Black Ops a 6/10. I personally am not that great of a fan of the multiplayer, but what really gets me playing this game is the ZOMBIES!

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Zombies is back from COD: WAW but better than ever. Two new maps (KINO DER TOTEN and FIVE) are great fun to play on, alone or with friends. The new addition of needing to teleport to upgrade your gun is new and terrific! I give Black Ops Zombies a 9.5/10

With a map pack coming out February 1 for Xbox users and most likely March 1 for PS3 and PC, the game should be expanded. 4 new multiplayer maps and 1 new zombie map. This should be very interesting. The DLC will most likely cost $15.00. I for one think this is a decent price for 5 new maps.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops is a nice installment to the franchise. The story is great, and has great potential for a sequel. The multiplayer is still unbalanced, and the zombies is hours of fun! Overall, I give Call Of Duty: Black Ops an 8/10.