Clash Royale is a planned game and is a card based game where the gaming skills of the person makes all the difference and sometime with the help of Clash Royale hacks. The elements of Clash Royale are the Cards; the currencies that are the gold, gems and elixirs, Tournaments, chests, Clans and recently the Leagues have started as an online platform with addition of trophies. The trophies are very important in the game. These currencies are used for different purpose like opening of the chests faster and unlock new cards which help with the game play. A better battle can be played with good cards and one gains the cards with good game.

The game has twelve battle arenas : Bone Pit, P.E.K.K A’s, Spell Valley, Play house, Frozen Peak, Jungle Arena, Electro Valley, Legendary Arena, Hog Mountain, Builder’s Workshop’, Goblin Stadium. There are separate training and tutorial camps. It is a new edition of COC, but many of the COC parts make it. Those who have played COC may find CR (clash Royale) a lot better as it doesn’t make you get addictive and a reward always waits for you when you come back after 4 to 6 hours.

Many people love to play games on a bigger screen and would obviously choose playing on PC than on the phone or tablet. But the question arises that is it possible to play on PC and the answer is pretty must optimistic. Follow the steps below.

To begin with you will first need to download Clash Royale on the device you are playing. Next to make the game work on your PC you will need to install the Android emulator, most commonly bluestakcs. Other emulator like Anhyroid ot Nox App is also available which is found to be better than bluestacks being a way lot easier and smoother to use and it does not crash like bluestacks, has less hardware complications complains.

The next step will be choosing the language setting which is comfortable for you.

If you already have a account of the game on Google play store you will simply need to link it or you will need to create an account if you are fresh registering for it.

In case if you are a MAC book user, you need to repeat the above procedure but just go to the Clash Royale App and then link it to the App store account.

After the installation procedure is complete some kind of reconfiguration is needed. You will need to set up the keyboard controls and see to the hardware resources and adapt it.

You need to figure out new strategies for the game which will make it all the more interesting. Once you have got the hang of the game you can always use Clash Royale Hacks online. There are many trusted websites giving you f.a.q regarding clash royale apps which will make it easier for you win the game. Use the best deck of cards and win it all.