Clash Royale is a very addictive game where you will have to play the cards at the right time and deploy the troop to destroy the opponent. It is the game which is developed by the supercell that is the developer of Clash of Clans and here we can see many characters from Clash of Clans. There will be two teams and each of them will have to destroy the tower of the opponent. There will be three Towers and on destroying the middle one of the opponent you will win the game.

You have to destroy the towers with a stipulated time of 3 minutes and if both the teams fail then they will get an additional 1 minute. As this is a purely strategic game so you will have to plan everything before and there may arise many situations where you will have to drop the trophies in order to complete with clans with low rank. This game has the resources like the gems or coins that will help you to play the game with ease, you can learn how to get more of those from: This spells have the power and can save you even at the last minute so here in this article, we are going to say about some of the important spells which you can use.

Spells used in Clash Royale

Damage dealing spells: This is a class that helps you to deal with all the high damages. If you can use them properly then it will give you the advantage when it comes to elixirs. Some of them are arrows, rocket, poison, the log etc.

Freeze spell: This spells will not help you to deal with any kind of damage or it is not like the spawning spells. It can help you to freeze the opponent any minute. Within that time no one can move and if you can upgrade them more then it will stay a little longer. Some of them are the mirror, freeze, heal etc.

Rage buffer: This class will include all the spells which will help you to strengthen the pull and hence it is known as the over win cards. They will include the rage, heal and clone.

ZapCheap Spell: This class has the spells with a very damaging power as well as low cost but you need at least one in your deck. Some of them are tornado, arrows or zap.

FireballMedium Spell: This class will have the spells that will cost you very minimal as well as it can deal with the moderate damage. It can help you to protect if you can couple them with any cheap spell. This will include the poison and theĀ fireball.

LightningHeavy Spell: This class has the spells which can deal with high damage and is of the high cost. There are only some few troops which can easily survive their hit because of the high finishing power and hence they are considered to be the best tower finishes. Some of them are the rocket and the Lightning.

You will have to keep upgrading the spells in order to make the effect last longer. With every leveling up you will unlock some new spells which will help you to win many difficult situations while you are on the battleground. But make sure you know about all those spells before using them.


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