Games are something that is loved by all. Whether it be adults or kids we all love to play games on our mobile phones, computers, and consoles. This is one of the main reasons that why the gaming industry is flourishing so fast and developers are coming up with new games every now and then. Gaming is like a religion to some people. However, not all games are made equally good. Some are made great while others are just average. Now there are different types of games that are available out there. Speaking of which if you want to try out a survival game then you should definitely check out Free Fire Battleground. It is an actionpacked game which comes with a load of exciting features. If you find it difficult to handle the game in the beginning then you can actually try out the free Fire Battleground hack that is available on

Interesting Features of the Game

As already mentioned above Free Fire Battleground is known to come with a lot of features because of which the game is so popular among the players. The main salient features of the game are as follows:

If you are playing the game for the first time then you will notice that the game creates beautiful optical illusions in order to imitate the real world. You can have the liberty to move freely around all the island. In fact, you will also get the choice of selecting the point from where you want to start from. During this phase of the game, you will actually explore the environmental settings along with gears which will prove to be beneficial for you in the game.

The best thing about the game is that it is known to have a wide collection of different weapons that you can use in the game. Other than that the also provides you with different resources and equipment that you can collect while hiding away from the enemies. You are also provided with protective gears in order to protect yourself from the attacks of your enemies. This is mainly important as you can’t attack the enemies first at all times. You are required to make use of different types of weapons like rifles, pistols etc., in order to inflict large damage on your enemies.

You can also drive any car that you want in the game. This is yet another feature that is loved by most of the players.

The game has two modes and that is the squad mode and the solo mode. You can choose whatever mode you want in order to play the game.

Moving around in the game becomes quite easy with the help of the joysticks that are also very easy and smooth to operate.

Thus, you can see the number of wonderful features that are offered by the game. Starting from weapons to resources to protective gears the game provides you with everything.

Clash Royale is a planned game and is a card based game where the gaming skills of the person makes all the difference and sometime with the help of Clash Royale hacks. The elements of Clash Royale are the Cards; the currencies that are the gold, gems and elixirs, Tournaments, chests, Clans and recently the Leagues have started as an online platform with addition of trophies. The trophies are very important in the game. These currencies are used for different purpose like opening of the chests faster and unlock new cards which help with the game play. A better battle can be played with good cards and one gains the cards with good game.

The game has twelve battle arenas : Bone Pit, P.E.K.K A’s, Spell Valley, Play house, Frozen Peak, Jungle Arena, Electro Valley, Legendary Arena, Hog Mountain, Builder’s Workshop’, Goblin Stadium. There are separate training and tutorial camps. It is a new edition of COC, but many of the COC parts make it. Those who have played COC may find CR (clash Royale) a lot better as it doesn’t make you get addictive and a reward always waits for you when you come back after 4 to 6 hours.

Many people love to play games on a bigger screen and would obviously choose playing on PC than on the phone or tablet. But the question arises that is it possible to play on PC and the answer is pretty must optimistic. Follow the steps below.

To begin with you will first need to download Clash Royale on the device you are playing. Next to make the game work on your PC you will need to install the Android emulator, most commonly bluestakcs. Other emulator like Anhyroid ot Nox App is also available which is found to be better than bluestacks being a way lot easier and smoother to use and it does not crash like bluestacks, has less hardware complications complains.

The next step will be choosing the language setting which is comfortable for you.

If you already have a account of the game on Google play store you will simply need to link it or you will need to create an account if you are fresh registering for it.

In case if you are a MAC book user, you need to repeat the above procedure but just go to the Clash Royale App and then link it to the App store account.

After the installation procedure is complete some kind of reconfiguration is needed. You will need to set up the keyboard controls and see to the hardware resources and adapt it.

You need to figure out new strategies for the game which will make it all the more interesting. Once you have got the hang of the game you can always use Clash Royale Hacks online. There are many trusted websites giving you f.a.q regarding clash royale apps which will make it easier for you win the game. Use the best deck of cards and win it all.

The Samsung Exhibit 4G has lots of great features like Android 2.3, 4G, Qik video chat, and multiple messaging, but with all of its perks, the bad features outweigh the great features of the Samsung Exhibit 4G Android smartphone.

It’s a Bit Too “Teensy”

When you hear about the Android 2.3 support, video and multiple text chatting, SWYPE technology, preinstalled games, and 4G internet access of the Samsung Exhibit 4G smartphone, you’d expect to see something like the Apple iPhone 4 or HTC EVO 3D, but when you actually see the Samsung Exhibit 4G, you’d be truly underwhelmed. The supped up features of the Exhibit 4G are overkill on its small 3.5 inch display with 480 x 800 pixel resolution.

Hardware Is Obsolete

A 1GHz single core processor, 512MB of RAM, and 512MB of memory (expandable to 32GB via a microSD card) sounds like the specs of a phone in it’s prime in 2009, not 2011. The average smartphone (and most of the Samsung Exhibit 4G’s competitors) are equipped with specs that are at least 100 percent better than the Exhibit 4G with dual core processors, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory (minimum) and other key features.

Battery Life Is Horrible

Android 2.3 Gingerbread is a very efficient mobile operating system that’s designed with power management in mind, yet the Samsung Exhibit 4G has very poor battery life. The Samsung Exhibit 4G is advertised as having a battery that supports up to 6.5 hours of talk time ‘” and if 6.5 hours of battery life is what’s advertised, after playing games, conducting multiple messages and video chat, and using apps, it’s safe to say that you’ll likely get less battery life than is promised. With modern smartphones clocking in at 10 hours of battery life and more, 6.5 hours of battery life is just too little for what you’ll likely want to do with any smartphone.

Camera Quality Is Toy-like

Let’s face it, the camera quality of the Samsung Exhibit 4G is similar to something that you’d find in a Fisher-Price toy. With only 3 megapixels, the Samsung Exhibit 4G has one of the worst cameras equipped in any modern smartphone. In a day and time when 5 megapixels is considered low-budget and 8 and 12 megapixel smartphone cameras are common, why would anyone bother taking photos with a 3 megapixel smartphone camera?

I know that there have been so many games released, each with dozens upon dozens of songs so if one of these is already available, great. If not, well hopefully they take my advice to heart.
Metallica: For Whom The Bell Tolls, Unforgiven and Unforgiven II, Seek and Destroy.

I know that they have done a bunch of Metallica songs already but I am certain that these would be insanely fun to play. Especially on Rock Band or Guitar Hero World Tour where you can sing or play drums to them as well. Seek and Destroy would need to be one of the 20 minute live versions as those are awesome.

Trivium: And Sadness Will Sear, Becoming the Dragon, Tread the Floods, Entrance of the Conflagration

A lesser known band, this metal group would gain exposure by letting their songs be released for download on these games. They’d be ridiculously difficult, but again, fun to know once you trained yourself to keep up with the fast pace of the songs.

Live: Dolphin’s Cry

A little older, but it’s a great song. It would be fun for all parties involved as the song works on all levels.

Local H: Copasetic

This one hit wonder would be fun to play on guitar as well as sing.

Cake: Daria, I Will Survive, Let Me go

Well anything by Cake would work as, let’s face it, Cake is awesome. Singing wouldn’t be too difficult and it would be entertaining.

Dio: Holy Diver, Rainbow in the Dark

It’s Dio man! He freakin rules! Make a Dio pack, do it, do it now!

Citizen Cope: Let the Drummer Kick

Incubus: Pardon Me

Soul Asylum: Runaway Train

I always thought this song was kinda pretty. It’s a fun song for everyone involved and the singer has the chance to vent his angst a bit.

Drowning Pool: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

The best song the band has come out with. This would be very fun to sing, make no mistake.

Cranberries: Zombie

All That Remains: Whispers, We Stand, Not Alone

As I Lay Dying: Nothing Left, The Sound of Truth