Samsung continues its affinity for delivering innovative handsets to the mobile market: its latest demonstration is the Samsung Continuum dual display smartphone.
About Samsung Continuum

The Samsung Continuum smartphone is the latest iteration of the popular Galaxy S series of smartphones. This particular model distinguishes itself because it has two independently operated screens. The dual display is technically an illusion: the device uses one huge Super AMOLED display and then segments the bottom portion of it for use as the secondary screen.

Dubbed the “ticker” screen, a small, 1.8 inch screen at the bottom of the phone continues to display updates from Twitter and Facebook as well as financial data, sports scores, and news even while the device is running a separate application on the primary screen. This important feature makes the phone easier to use and helps users avoid trading updates, messages and alerts for productivity.

Product Specs

The Samsung Continuum features the same active matrix organic LED screens as the rest of the Galaxy S family. The touch screen features gestures, swiping, pinch zooming, and makes the onscreen keyboard easy to use.

Its 1,500 milliamp hour battery is designed to power Continuum throughout the day without a recharge. The AMOLED screen and the system processor are primarily responsible for the impressive power efficiency the device is able to achieve.

The Samsung Hummingbird processer under the hood is supposedly up to three times as fast as the Qualcomm system on a chip solution, making Continuum a preferred platform for mobile gaming and movie viewing. The 1GHz chip features an ARM Cortex core together with a powerful graphics processor.

A 5 MP camera gives users the ability to produce high resolution video from the palm of their hands.

Verizon Wireless

Samsung has released the Continuum Android smartphone for use on the Verizon Wireless network. With a two-year service commitment the device costs $199. Full price is more than $500.

As with the rest of the Samsung Galaxy S product line, the Continuum offers impressive power and innovation. The dual display concept will likely catch on once its positive impact on productivity and ease of use is fully demonstrated.

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